Member of the BSA Owners Club, UK

Member of the BSA Owners Club, UK

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Below is a BSA GoldStar, not mine, unfortunately.

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Eddie Dow's GoldStar Tuning Tips ( PDF File).
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Hi, Welcome to my GoldStar Project Page. I am slowly, very slowly, converting a "basket-case" 1955 B31 to GoldStar specification. Hopefully it will eventually resemble the above example.So far 3 years have passed since I aquired the frame, engine & g/box. I've managed to get a Dating Certificate from the BSAOC, UK but it is unlikely I can get it registered for riding in Singapore. I have aquired (14/7/2003) a 1955 model, so far I've managed to get the frame painted ( black, baked enamel ) , bead blasted the engine, and generally spend a small fortune on wheels, mudguards, nuts & bolts etc. I've aquired a 5 gallon fibre-glass tank ( from a Spitfire ) and had it painted "goldie" silver.

This is a section through a GoldStar engine

This is a drawing of 1954 GoldStar frame

A few before/after photo's

As of 23rd May 2006

As of 9th September 2006

As of 17th April 2007 ( with indicators )