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Affiliated Engineering & Trading Co has been established since 1976 and has become a well known and respected supplier of specialist machines for the food processing industry. Initially the company was devoted to the development of the AUTO STAMPING MACHINE for the mass production of MOONCAKES The latest machine is capable of stamping 60 pcs per minute, or approx 28000pcs per 8hr working day, which is far in excess of that which could be produced by the traditional method.

The machine can also be used for the production of Ang Koo Kueh ( Bean Cakes ), Biscuits and Cakes for all-year-round utilisation.

Affiliated has been producing the Auto Stamper for the past 30 years and since then has gained much experience in the requirements of its customers.

All machines have our 1 year warranty and a full back-up team of service personnel.


and get MOONCAKE MOLDS worth S$2000 FREE

Only available through Affiliated and buyers can take advantage of this Promotion by Registering their interest via E-mail.

For more information, contact Affiliated by Fax 67579584 Phone at 67579585.

Lets have another look at those Mooncakes

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