You play the role of a digital signal processor trying to cancel a variety of sound waves, but unlike the DSP you're not limited by time!
All the excitement of watching water evaporate is not enough to describe the thrill you will have struggling for that extra decibel of noise cancellation!!


1] The values of attenuation are in dB(Linear) but the ear does not have a linear response. So in a real situation it will be possible, in some cases, to reduce the linear SPL without reducing (and maybe even increasing) the loudness of the audible sound.
2] You should find it easier to get a good attenuation result when trying to cancel a wave of larger amplitude
3] RESULT button toggles display
4] Sorry, no audio with this version :-(
5] For lots of info about anti-noise and active noise control have a look at the Active Noise Control FAQ by Dr Chris Ruckman at URL
6] A Java capable browser is required

First released October 1996

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