Lucas MOIL Magneto

JOSEPH LUCAS ( The Prince of Darkness )

was, for many years, the main supplier of Electrical Equipment to the British motorcycle industry.

Good artical: history of the Joseph Lucas Company.



Service Sheets for BSA MotorCyles and Lucas Electrical  for Sale.

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Failing MO1 Magneto ?
If, note If... your coils are OK ( LT ~0.6 ohms, HT ~4.7K ohms )
And your Insulation Test ( mega test )is OK
Then consider fitting an External Condenser.
Some internal wiring mods are required.
Full Instructions given

Also available for other types of Lucas Magnetos
Free Postage WorldWide

***Please note that almost invariably the condenser AND WINDINGS need replacing on old magnetos

As used on many British Singles, including the Gold Star, view the MOIL VIDEO

MO1L Magneto Powertest Video ( Thanks to Marinus in Indonesia )

E3HM-LC Dynamo Powertest Video( Thanks to Marinus in Indonesia )

Gold Star video WITH SOUND

Just because it sparks does not mean it will when under compression !!!

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Image courtesy of Priory Magnetos Ltd, UK

Item NoPart NoDescriptionModelYearsStlg Pds Stock
1.110730Points carrier screw ..4.50.
2.149010Armature shim to reduce end float .010" ( 149010/10 )...N/A
3.149010Armature shim to reduce end float .005" ( 149010/5 )...N/A
4.173974Sprocket sleeve nut ...N/A
5.185015HT lead split copper washer ..0.20.
6.189289Bearing, magneto, 13x30 mm MOOld11.28.
7.189291Bearing, magneto, points end, 35mm O.D.MO1940-6216.22.
8.189294Bearing, magneto, points end, 37mm O.D. MO1938-3923.87.
9.189294Bearing, magneto, drive end, 37mm O.D. ..23.87.
10.189386Woodruff Key..1.05.
11.200569Nut dynamo to magneto ..2.12.
12.410600Acorn nuts for pickups etc (holds HT leads)..1.10.
13.451260Brush for magneto pickups ..2.86.
14.451323Earth brush, 6mm diameter for 460380 .1936-541.76.
15.451378Bearing insulating washer for 189289 bearing, 30mm ..2.89.
16.451379Bearing insulating washer for 189291 bearing, 35mm ..1.10.
17.454415Condenser ( New Type )..13.70.
18.454495Gear for dynamo, 22T ..21.32.
19.454496Slip ring .MO1/MSL118.65.
20.454694Screw, stepped, end cover fixing ..1.46.
21.455190Earth brush, 5 mm diameter for 455191 .1955-582.86.
22.455191Earth brush holder, small, use brush 455190 .1955-588.14.
23.455361Slip ring ( MSHV some MN2/MNV ).022.00.
24.455622Pick-up gasket MO, MN00.40.
25.455791Cable Nut ( Flat Type ).02.53.
26.458268Plunger for advance and retard cable .0.N/A
27.458658HT lead rubber boot MO, MN01.38.
28.459005Bearing insulating washer for 189244 bearing, 40mm .00.84.
29.460051Contact breaker assembly ( 484098 not included ) .048.00.
30.460052Points screw lockwasher .00.75.
31.460053Drive end cover gasket .00.85.
32.460055Dynamo strap trunnion (2 per) .02.69.
33.460056Dynamo strap .05.60.
34.460056sDynamo strap screws .01.61.
35.460061Points cover in steel .08.40.
36.460380Earth brush holder for 451323 brush (6 mm) .1936-548.14.
37.461435Fibre gear, 58 teeth, narrow .<1936.N/A
38.463066HT pickup ..9.40.
39.463109Fibre gear, 58 teeth, wide ..27.44.
40.463112Slipping clutch friction disc ..29.26.
41.463113Slipping clutch nut lockwasher ..1.01.
42.463117Slipping clutch centre nut ..3.19.
43.463334AStepped stud for contact breaker plate ..2.95.
44.463334BEarth wire holder with grub screw ..3.71.
45.463334CPick up retaining screw ..0.89.
46.463334DDrive end cover screw ..0.43.
47.463867Dowel for magneto base to crankcase ..0.62.
48.463898Points cover pillar and spring clip retainer for L/H advance/retard ..10.45.
49.463899Points cover pillar and spring clip retainer for R/H advance/retard ..17.60.
50.463932Bearing insulating washer for 189294 bearing, 37mm ..1.10.
51.463944Oil Thrower..8.25.
52.463989Drive end cover ..14.66.
53.464092Nylon tappet, operates the contacts ..2.66.
54.484098Contact set ..10.94.
55.460056SDynamo strap screw (2 per) ...N/A
56.463075(10)Armature shim to increase end float, .010" ...N/A
57.463075(3)Armature shim to increase end float, .003" ...N/A
58.463075(5)Armature shim to increase end float, .005" ...N/A

Note: Above Itemised Prices ( 2008 ) are no longer valid

For latest ( 2011 ) prices contact me.

To inquire about availabilty, payment terms etc, please send E-mail to me at Meyasu Singapore Pte Ltd.

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