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All you need for BSA, Triumph, Norton, AJS/Matchless Restorations

Now also CD on Lucas

Referal Program
Refer your biker friends who own or are restoring these old british motorcycles to us!

Anyone is welcome to participate!

This is how the referral system works.
If you know of a friend who is interested:
(a) and you have received an .html email from us, then Forward the email to your friend ( cc to us )
(b)If you are just browsing, Email our site address ( ) to your friend advising that site may be of interest to him/her.   Again ( cc to us )
We will remit, into the FIRST REFER's** PayPal Account, 5.00 US$ for order received from your friend.
Thatís all! Leave the rest to us.
** Based on the date/time of our receipt of the (cc)* copy

If you wish to order a CD/DVD Click this Link