Third-octave/octave summation/weighting

Third-Octave/Octave Summation/Weighting


1] No guarantee of any kind whatsoever for this software

2] Program to calculate summation of octaves or third octaves between 12.5 Hz and 20kHz

3] Normal usage: Use mouse to select, then enter the third octave sound level values in the left-most column and press 'return' or 'enter'. For each entry the program will calculate the weightings for the band and give the overall summed results at the bottom in the appropriate column. To change an entry, just select with mouse and press 'delete' or 'backspace' followed by the new entry. As before, don't forget to press 'return' after each input. Octave bands are displayed yellow. Click on the 'CLEAR ALL' button to reset the program.

4] Special usage: Enter A-weighted or C-weighted values and program will calculate the other two fields.

5] All fields shown as empty contain a value of minus infinity, so the program should give a true summation of decibels. Inputs of more than 2000 dB will be ignored.

6] A recent Java capable browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer is required. This program won't function with some Unix versions of Netscape.